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AT A TIME when excellence in teaching is critical to our nation's future, the Athena Foundation seeks to define, cultivate, and promulgate the primary importance of the classroom teacher. To assume once more their traditional position of authority, teachers are looking for intellectual sustenance as well as moral support from other dedicated professionals. Established to fill this need, the educational programs of the Athena Foundation are building an inclusive community of teachers—representing all grade levels, disciplines, and ethnicities. These teachers come to immerse themselves in the study of multicultural classics—ancient and modern—that embody the universal themes of our common human heritage. Most important, the classic texts that form the nucleus for the Athena Foundation's courses serve as paradigms for teaching, leading, and learning that are essential to excellence in the classroom. Teachers whose imaginations have been awakened by such study can hope to transform culturally diverse students into classroom communities in pursuit of genuine learning. Our goal is nothing less than to mentor excellence in teaching at all levels and in every discipline.

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